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              Polypropylene Reinforced Cold Applied Tape


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              Polypropylene Reinforced Cold Applied Tape

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              Polyethylene propylene Reinforced Cold Applied Tape

              It is a composite of a polypropylene backing with a mesh fiber and a viscoelastic butyl sealant for use with an anti-corrosive primer.

              During the installation and construction, after the steel pipe has been derusted, the anti-corrosion primer of the sleeve is evenly coated on the surface of the steel pipe with a plate brush. After the surface is dried, the tape is wrapped on the steel pipe by hand or equipment, and the anti-corrosion tape is pressed by a pressure roller. The corners are solid. After the installation, the product will form a complete sealed anti-corrosion body on the surface of the steel pipe. The anti-corrosion primer covers the surface of the steel pipe to form a first layer of anti-corrosion barrier; the viscoelastic butyl sealant as the second anti-corrosion barrier has a pole. The low water vapor transmission performance can effectively block the intrusion of corrosive media; the outer mesh fiber polypropylene tape is the third layer of anti-corrosion barrier, and provides good mechanical protection for the entire anti-corrosion system to resist external force erosion.

              This product is mainly used for external anti-corrosion of steel pipes, especially for anti-corrosion of pipelines and storage tank systems such as elbows and station valve rooms. It has the characteristics of less construction restrictions, convenient construction and long anti-corrosion life.



              ? ◇Suitable for steel pipe anti-corrosion, also suitable for anti-corrosion of elbows, elbows, flanges, tees, etc.

              ? The maximum operating temperature of steel pipe can reach 100°C, and it can be used in low temperature environment of -30°C.

              ? Convenient construction, suitable for prefabrication of factory anti-corrosion layer, also suitable for on-site anti-corrosion layer production and filling anti-corrosion

              ? Multi-thickness backings and adhesive layers are available

              ? Excellent anti-corrosion performance and low overall cost

              ? More details product information and datasheet, please contact us: sales@cheray.com.cn

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